Niccolo Bertola and Mattia Saggio: Vaurien World Champions 2019

Second place goes to FRANCESCO GRAZIANI and ALESSANDRO GOLINELLI, also from Italy, with 37 points, followed by the Spaniards PABLO CABELLO and MARIO PEREZ from Spain.
The Vaurien fleet says good-bye to a wonderful, perfectly organized, windy but very warm Championship at GEAS NBC Colico on Lago di Como. The next world championship, which will be the 59th in the history of the Vaurien class, will be sailed from July 25-31, 2020 in Le Havre, France.

Sail on, Tony.

Dear Vaurien friends,

Anton "Toni" Maurus passed away on July 2, 2019. Toni was a Vaurien builder from Lake Constance, Germany, who built hundreds of wooden Vaurien boats, mostly in the 70s and 80s. He built boats to to have fun and to win: in the best Vaurien tradition.
He was almost 90. I did not have the pleasure to know him personally but I am in the class long enough to value the importance of his work and of his passion for the development of the Vaurien.

We remember him and say all together "Thanks Toni".

Maurizio Raffaelli
(IVCA Chairman)


2018 World Champions: Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot

Travemünde, Germany - The 2018 Vaurien World Championship is over. The new world champions are Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot from Spain. And how they won. After 14 races, sailed over six days, the accumulated only 17 points, discarding a 3rd and 4th place, which gave them almost half the points over second placed Antonio Perez and Laura Llopiz (ESP). On third place is Tirso CERQUEIRA ATARÉS and Gonzalo MARTÍNEZ RODRÍGUEZ, giving Spain full control of the podium.

Weather conditions were perfect, almost mediterrainean-like, with temperatures around 30°C and mostly thermal winds, light in the first days and going up to strong (and more) to the end of the week.

Full result can be found here.

2018 Vaurien World Championship

The 2018 Vaurien World Championship is almost there. On Saturday and Sunday (July 21-22) the boats are measured and their compliance to the class rules checked. On Sunday evening, the 57th Vaurien World Championship will be openend. From Monday on, 65 boats from Europe and Africa will compete over 6 days and 15 races.

The latest news can be found on the Event Facebook page (which can be accessed without Facebook account and without any login).




2018 Vaurien World Championship NoR and online-entry