World Championship 2021 cancelled

The 2021 World Championship , which was planned to take place in Le Havre at the end of July, has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A online meeting of the CIV on May 1, 2021,  confirmed what was already expected by many. Although the situation is slowly getting better, the uncertainties of what could be possilbe at the end of July are to great, so that ASV France is forced to cancel the 2021 World Championship.

CIV is now thinking about the chances of organizing an International Vaurien regatta in a central place at the same date. Discussion is about a 3-4 day regatta. CIV will evaluate options within the next two weeks and will publish more details then.

For the future Vaurien World Championships, for 2022 Spain is confirmed as a host. The following years are unchanged for now with further discussions during the next regular CIV meetings.

We as CIV would especially thank ASV France for their effort. We will try to visit you as soon as possible.