Vaurien Class Rules 2021

The lastest update to the International Vaurien Class Rules has been approved by World Sailing and is now available on the World Sailing website at


The changes include the following points:

  1. ADVERTISING : Any advertising on the mainsail shall be below the area reserved for sail numbers and class insignia as described in RRS.
  2. RUDDER POSTITON: New limits on the depths of the rudder, now defined for the "tradition2l and "vertical" position separately.
  3. CENTREBOARD FITTINGS: Detailing of the centreboard stopper:  "A centerboard stopper made of any material. The centreboard stopper shall be situated such that its aft most point touches the centreboard template not more than 30 mm from the trailing edge and its forwardmost point touches the centreboard template at least 60 mm forward of the trailing edge, measured alongthe handle-side edge of the template as shown in E.3.3.1. 
  4. RUDDER CONSTRUCTION; The rudder blade may be able to pivot around a transverse axis or slide along a vertical axis. and shall include any system to lock the rudder blade in fully lowered position as well as an optional system to lift the blade from its lowered position
  5.  RUNNING RIGGING: Allow mainsail halyard to be led inside the mast tube: "No running rigging except the mainsail halyard shall go inside the mast." If present the exit opening shall be below the lower limit mark with dimensions max 40mm vertical and max 6 mm transversal.

For details, please refer to the Vaurien site at