2018 World Champions: Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot

Travemünde, Germany - The 2018 Vaurien World Championship is over. The new world champions are Francesco Zampacavallo and Carlos Frances Armengot from Spain. And how they won. After 14 races, sailed over six days, the accumulated only 17 points, discarding a 3rd and 4th place, which gave them almost half the points over second placed Antonio Perez and Laura Llopiz (ESP). On third place is Tirso CERQUEIRA ATARÉS and Gonzalo MARTÍNEZ RODRÍGUEZ, giving Spain full control of the podium.

Weather conditions were perfect, almost mediterrainean-like, with temperatures around 30°C and mostly thermal winds, light in the first days and going up to strong (and more) to the end of the week.

Full result can be found here.