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One week to go and already 63 boats registered. Enter now and do not miss the 60th Vaurien World Championship, held in Vigo, Spain.

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Class Rules Update.

The Vaurien Class Rules have been updated by World Sailing. The most recent rules and an overview over the changes can be found here.

The most significant change is the opening of the headsail rules to use laminate materials similar to what we have in the mainsail since 2013.

And as a remark: If you are wondering why the diagrams of our rigg and sails is missing: This was a request by World Sailing. Their new rules policy wants to avoid any double definition of measurements. Since we are following the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) for all definitions, and this ERS includes the definition of sail and measurements (and many more), we were asked not to repeat this in our rules. Therefore the diagrams are now gone. We will work on a "measurer's handbook" where these diagrams will be added.

World Championship schedule revised

In an CIV online-meeting on October, 9th, the World Championships for the future years after 2022 have been revised. As you all know, due to COVID-19 the Worlds in Le Havre France had to be cancelled twice. France than asked if the could have a replacement time slot for a World Championship in 2023, postponing all other championships by one year. Everybody who was impacted, especially Slovakia and Italy, approved this proposal. Therefore the new schedule for the upcoming Vaurien World Championships is as follows.

Future plans for the Vaurien World Championship

   Country  Location  Date Status
 2022  Spain  Vigo  July 23 - July 30  confirmed
 2023  France  Le Havre    confirmed
 2024  Slovakia      
 2025  Italy      
 2026  Uruguay      Task force established
 2027  Netherlands      


World Championship 2021 cancelled

The 2021 World Championship , which was planned to take place in Le Havre at the end of July, has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A online meeting of the CIV on May 1, 2021,  confirmed what was already expected by many. Although the situation is slowly getting better, the uncertainties of what could be possilbe at the end of July are to great, so that ASV France is forced to cancel the 2021 World Championship.

CIV is now thinking about the chances of organizing an International Vaurien regatta in a central place at the same date. Discussion is about a 3-4 day regatta. CIV will evaluate options within the next two weeks and will publish more details then.

For the future Vaurien World Championships, for 2022 Spain is confirmed as a host. The following years are unchanged for now with further discussions during the next regular CIV meetings.

We as CIV would especially thank ASV France for their effort. We will try to visit you as soon as possible.

Vaurien Class Rules 2021

The lastest update to the International Vaurien Class Rules has been approved by World Sailing and is now available on the World Sailing website at



The changes include the following points:

  1. ADVERTISING : Any advertising on the mainsail shall be below the area reserved for sail numbers and class insignia as described in RRS.
  2. RUDDER POSTITON: New limits on the depths of the rudder, now defined for the "tradition2l and "vertical" position separately.
  3. CENTREBOARD FITTINGS: Detailing of the centreboard stopper:  "A centerboard stopper made of any material. The centreboard stopper shall be situated such that its aft most point touches the centreboard template not more than 30 mm from the trailing edge and its forwardmost point touches the centreboard template at least 60 mm forward of the trailing edge, measured alongthe handle-side edge of the template as shown in E.3.3.1. 
  4. RUDDER CONSTRUCTION; The rudder blade may be able to pivot around a transverse axis or slide along a vertical axis. and shall include any system to lock the rudder blade in fully lowered position as well as an optional system to lift the blade from its lowered position
  5.  RUNNING RIGGING: Allow mainsail halyard to be led inside the mast tube: "No running rigging except the mainsail halyard shall go inside the mast." If present the exit opening shall be below the lower limit mark with dimensions max 40mm vertical and max 6 mm transversal.

For details, please refer to the Vaurien site at sailing.org: https://www.sailing.org/classesandequipment/VAU.php




Niccolo Bertola and Mattia Saggio: Vaurien World Champions 2019

Second place goes to FRANCESCO GRAZIANI and ALESSANDRO GOLINELLI, also from Italy, with 37 points, followed by the Spaniards PABLO CABELLO and MARIO PEREZ from Spain.
The Vaurien fleet says good-bye to a wonderful, perfectly organized, windy but very warm Championship at GEAS NBC Colico on Lago di Como. The next world championship, which will be the 59th in the history of the Vaurien class, will be sailed from July 25-31, 2020 in Le Havre, France.

Vaurien No. 1 has been found.

According to this report in the forum of ASV FRA, the original Vaurien No. 1 has been found!


As the story goes, a French Vaurien sailor more or less accidentaly stumled upon the hangar in the port of Caen, where he had heard "no 1" was supposed to be stored. He went on to investigate and found the boat stored inside the hangar, dry, but not very accesible. Still he managed to take a few pictures, which he shared.

Apparently, only the hull remains, and the boat has been used a lot and has seen many owners and locations.

> 1953 to 1955: Le Rose (Concarneau)
> 1955 to 1960: xx in Sable (d'Olonnes?)
> 1960 to 1966: yy in Rombas (Moselle)
> 1966 to 1980: Le Rose (Concarneau)
> 1980 to today: given to AMERAMI by Eugène Le Rose

But, it is still there after 68 years.

Vive le Vaurien!

Sail on, Tony.

Dear Vaurien friends,

Anton "Toni" Maurus passed away on July 2, 2019. Toni was a Vaurien builder from Lake Constance, Germany, who built hundreds of wooden Vaurien boats, mostly in the 70s and 80s. He built boats to to have fun and to win: in the best Vaurien tradition.
He was almost 90. I did not have the pleasure to know him personally but I am in the class long enough to value the importance of his work and of his passion for the development of the Vaurien.

We remember him and say all together "Thanks Toni".

Maurizio Raffaelli
(IVCA Chairman)